Up-to-date technology will allow you to work efficiently and effectively while providing the convenience patients look for in a dental office. Stunning, razor-sharp images available in real-time, reduced radiation exposure, no darkroom with its hazardous chemicals, digital technology in dental is available now.

Three-dimensional CBCT? Intra-oral? Panoramic? Digital or conventional? There are a host of x-ray imaging systems available from a number of leading manufacturers.Our team, working hand in hand with our manufacturer partner specialists, are available to consult on all aspects of digital imaging – from ultra-high spec CBCT 3-D x-ray systems, to phosphor plate scanners and intra-oral cameras.

We have partnered with these leading manufacturers to provide the best possible advice, allowing you to make informed choices for your practice and for the future.

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Our Accredited Partnerships

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RVG 142

Simplified workflow & acquisition
–  Instant access to clinical content
–  No need to re-expose, keeping patient safety in mind
–  Ergonomically optimized
–  Shorter learning curve with fewer steps to acquire images

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RVG CS5200


Intuitive intraoral imaging- affordable price.

The RVG 5200 is the perfect choice for those looking to take a first step into digital dental radiography. An ideal solution for intraoral imaging needs, the easy-to-use sensor allows users to capture exceptional images quickly and easily. The image quality of the RVG 5200 sensor is the same or higher than other intraoral sensors in its class—so there is no need to sacrifice image quality for affordability..

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RVG CS6200

Technology that truly simplifies things

Meet the RVG 6200—the digital intraoral sensor that adapts to you. From a simplified workflow to user-defined image processing tools, the RVG 6200 is designed to work for you (not the other way around).And, with its straightforward installation process and integration with most imaging and dental practice management software, the RVG 6200 fits easily into any practice.

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CS 2100 Wall Mount

Intraoral X-Ray System
Obtain sharp, high contrast images quickly and easily with this affordable high-frequency
generator – ideal for your basic intraoral needs.
Features and benefits
–  High-frequency DC technology at the price of a conventional generator
–  Sharp and high-contrast images for easy diagnosis
–  Easy-to-use and fast-setting generator thanks to its improved timer design
–  Dose display after each exposure
–  Ideal for digital sensors, analog films or phosphor plates
–  Multiple configurations available, including ceiling mount, mobile or fixed column

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CS 7200


The best of both film and digital

An affordable solution for any practice, the CS 7200 imaging plate system combines the benefits of both digital imaging technology and traditional film. The unit covers a variety of everyday intraoral applications and can be used anywhere—even chairside—with no compromise to image quality.

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CS 1200


The quality you need—the price you want

The compact CS 1200 intraoral camera delivers the highest image quality in its class and features a surprisingly affordable price. Designed for usability, the camera makes it easy to share images, while its ability to store up to 300 images eliminates the need to place a computer in every operatory—further maximizing your return on investment.

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CS 1600

Early caries identfication for
healthier patients
Earliest caries identification
Early detection is the most efficient way to treat tooth disease. Caries detected in early stages can often be reversed through simple remineralization treatments, allowing your patient to avoid costly and unpleasant restorative procedures in the future. Now, the powerful yet user-friendly CS 1600 aids in the detection of suspicious incipient caries (i.e. “white spots”) on both smooth and occlusal surfaces, enabling you to better assess and treat sub-surface lesions and smaller regions (<3mm) of decay.


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CS 8100 2D


Compact plug-and-play imaging

 The award-winning CS 8100 delivers powerful imaging capabilities through an easy-to-use and compact system that is designed to meet your everyday imaging needs—both today and tomorrow. From better positioning and faster image acquisition to higher image quality, the CS 8100 is designed to benefit you. Easy to install, learn and use, the system is ideal for general practitioners and can be easily upgraded to include cephalometric imaging for your orthodontic needs.

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CS 8100 3D

Your all-in-one imaging solution

Covering a broad range of applications, the unit is ideal for daily use and offers the highest image quality for your investment—truly putting the power of 3D imaging technology within anyone’s reach.

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Cephalometric Imaging


Outstanding cephalometric images at record-breaking speed

When it comes to cephalometric technology, Carestream Dental’s imaging systems deliver a new degree of accuracy and speed. From one-shot cephalometric images to the fastest cephalometric scanning in the world, our extraoral systems are designed to save you time and cover all of your orthodontic needs.

Simply choose from the CS 8100SC, CS 8100SC 3D or CS 9300C product families to find the unit that’s right for you. You’ll enjoy consistent, high-quality images in less time than ever—regardless of the system you choose.

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CS 9600


Innovation-driven, precise imaging

Cover your current and future imaging needs with a versatile, innovative system that offers the broadest range of volume sizes and software applications. The CS 9600 features breakthrough technologies that enable you to produce high-quality images with every image capture. Amazingly intuitive 3D software enables you to plan and present treatment and share images easily.

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CS 3600


Fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture

Whether your practice handles restorative, orthodontic or implant cases, the CS 3600 intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental puts smarter scanning in your hands. With fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture, both you and your patients benefit from improved treatment planning and a streamlined workflow.

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