With such an important role to play in the dental surgery, choosing the right dental chair package is of paramount
importance. We only partner with market leading established brands, recognised within the dental industry for their quality, durability and above all, renowned for their reliability.

These brands produce equipment which offer a wide range of specifications and options.  We recommend a visit with one of our experienced and knowledgeable Equipment Managers. They can guide you through the different options available, to confirm exactly how your needs can be met, helping you decide what options suit your clinical and budgetary needs best.

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Our Accredited Partnerships

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A-dec 500

Exceptional patient comfort: Pamper your patients with the A-dec 500 dental chair. Through the science of pressure mapping, the unique cushioning reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient’s entire body.

Motion is also critical to your patient’s comfort. The A-dec 500 dental chair synchronizes the chair movement with the natural motion of the patient. This “virtual pivot” keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair is lowered or raised.


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A-dec 200

A-dec 200 is a complete system packed with features for added accessibility and comfort–all at a great value and all from the people who build the most dependable dental equipment in the world, A-dec. A-dec 200 is designed to meet your specific requirements and enhance patient care with increased chair-ride comfort, efficient touchpad control, and improved light performance.


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A-dec Performer

Flexible choices: Ambidextrous; the delivery system can be located in either the left-handed or right-handed positions in a matter of seconds.

A‑dec legendary reliability and quality: Since the Performer dental chair is designed, built, and tested by A‑dec, you know you’re getting the very best.


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A-dec Stools

FAn ergonomic and comfortable dental stool is the foundation of pain-free and healthy practice. Make your next seating investment with A-dec—we’re here to support you.


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A-dec LED Light

Smart lighting starts with the source. The A-dec LED performs like no other, giving you advanced light performance with less eye fatigue, superior ergonomics, and low cost of ownership. Flood the oral cavity with light for improved vision. The A-dec LED light features three intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux—the maximum recommended by dental
ergonomic specialists – without compromising a consistent 5,000K neutral
white colour temperature.


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Belmont – Credia G1

Belmont has been manufacturing dental equipment and selling it worldwide
since the 1960s. From the very beginning, we have built a solid reputation for
outstanding reliability.
Belmont dental chairs use an electro-hydraulic system that we have been
continuously improving since the launch of our first hydraulic chair in 1936. Our
chairs have been embraced in many parts of the world thanks to their accurate
and smooth operation, their high load capacity, and—above all—their durability.
Ergonomically designed, our chairs are built to ensure the comfort of the
patient and dentist alike.


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Belmont – Clesta II

Chair key features:

           –   Seamless or Luxury upholstery option

            –  Standard, Ultrasoft and Ultrasoft Pro upholstery fabric options

            –  Smooth, synchronised, near-silent chair movements

            –  Double-density cushioning

            –  Lumbar support (Luxury Upholstery option)

            –  Foot control for chair movements


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Belmont – Claire Knee Break

Chair key features:

           –  Folding and extending legrest with safety feature

          –  Headrest options

          –  Ultra-slim backrest

          –  Lumbar support

          –  Foldaway, detachable armrests

          –  Integrated foot control stalks

          –  Chair preset positions

         –  Luxury and Seamless upholstery options

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Belmont – Eurus Knee Break

Named after the East Wind, which brought blessed
rain to grain fields in ancient mythology, Eurus
embodies our belief of bringing highly reliable
Japan-quality products to dentists in the world.

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