Dental Training Facility (DTF) @ Wright Millners

What does the DTF offer?

Advanced Technology

Boasting a fully equipped Dental Surgery with a comfortable Rolls Royce of chairs – the Adec 500 – ideal for long treatments.

A mobile Zeiss microscope – linked via live video & audio enables procedures you do in the chair to be seen in any of the areas.

Webinar facilities are now also available

The Sterilisation area boasts the latest trends in infection control. Our B Class autoclave has a cycle time of 12 Minutes, a Statim autoclave for handpieces, a Washer/Disinfector, NSK handpiece lubricator & a sealer with Sterilisation rolls.

The 3D Digital Imaging Suite offers a fully digital panoramic x-ray unit, intra oral camera & wireless RVG Sensor. Our 40 seater auditorium is ideal for training & lectures.

The 18 Seater Techniques Area is fully equipped with a Zeiss microscope at each station as well as your choice of implant or surgical equipment, along with Curing lights & electric motor with handpieces. The basin with suction is an added feature – everything you need is at your fingertips. The tutor has a work station & is able to make use of the mobile microscope to perform live step-by-step procedures.

Peace of Mind

A back up Generator is available should there be any power outages.

Availability to Anybody

Should you be interested in visiting or booking our facility, please email: